God is in the detail-this time-tested truth comes alive in every Moreish Bread. A slice of wonder. A piece of art. Crafted with care and oozing freshness in every crumb, every Moreish loaf is an ode to honesty, skill, best ingredients and perfect baking.



We are happy to introduce convenient 6 Slice Bread Packs to ensure you have fresh bread every single day. Designed for the urban professional and families, our 6 slice Bread pack ensures you eat the freshest bread every single day.
Moreish 6 Slice Atta Bread is made with 100% Chakki Milled Atta, rich in nutritious natural dietary fiber, proteins & vitamins. This bread not only helps in digestion & reduces flatulence but also helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. make your life super healthy & delicious with Moreish Atta Bread, the practical and healthy alternative to homemade chapattis.
Moreish 6 slice Multigrain bread is made from Chakki Atta and 9 grains and seeds. Our Multigrain bread is perfect for the ultimate sandwich and is a great source for fiber and calcium.

Available in 200Gms


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